Movement and energy


 "We need to see the different positions and tempos represent different states of energy... When I have taken a certain attitude to allow the energy to circulate freely the length of the spine, a change in the attitude alters the disposition because the direction of the energy changes. If I lower my head, for example, the current no longer passes in the same way; it goes back down. If I put my hand on the chest, I keep the current in this area. If I raise the head, I receive the energy from above. If I put my arm forward, I stop the flow. If I then raise the forearm, keeping the elbow in the same position, I am ready to receive the influx of energy. And if I put the arm down, the energy is received and stored in the body. We have to be very careful in changing the movements, particularly the order of attitudes that express a law. Each attitude, each gesture, has its place, its length, its proper weight. If there is a mistake or something new is introduced, the whole meaning can be distorted."


 —The Reality of Being, Jeanne de Salzmann, Shambhala, 2010, pages 125 – 126