The energy in this diagram represents the energy of the enneagram itself. The movement of the energy isn't linear; it is complex and interrelated, and moves in a dynamic related to the connections between the energy centers in the body, not up and down the spine in the simplistic movements assumed by many modern yogis.

Gurdjieff pointed out that the energy in our bodies, and in the law of octaves and the enneagram itself, is in constant motion.


The multiplications map out the lawful movement of this energy depending on the particular iteration at hand. If one knows what note an energy movement begins on, one can exactly predict its lawful relationships in progress.


 This lost science would take many years to study and fully understand, but the graphics at least lay out the interactions in a comprehensible manner.


The study of types, divisions of centers, chakras, and triads can be combined with these diagrams to create dynamic understandings of human behavior, as well as the movement of energy between centers in the body. 


There are a number of esoteric inner exercises connected with these diagrams that are not taught to the public, and are largely forgotten, even in the Gurdjieff work.