The 27 Types: a proposed example




A higher rate of vibration in any scale generally represents a higher level of understanding. Thus, paradoxically, an intellectual man working through the intellectual part of his intellectual center turns out to be the stupidest man around, in fact, the stupidest man possible. His only capability is the absorption of facts. Doing anything with them is impossible. There are, in fact, levels of autism identical to this, such as the depiction that Dustin Hoffman gave us in the movie Rain Man. Things of this nature, which seem relatively inexplicable in the ordinary world, are instantly understandable when we apply the basic principles of the enneagram to them.


 Because of this inherent quality of vibration relative to understanding, a great deal about a man can be discerned by determining the general level of vibration he works at. And moving through the progression (for example, the above progression) towards the highest level of vibration, in each case, the emotional part of emotional center for that particular man, we see a scale of development within the octave of that particular man from the least developed (as above, man number three working through his intellectual part of his intellectual center) to the most developed (man number three working through his emotional part of his emotional center.)


 Because of this hierarchy, the 27 types can also be ranked according to their abilities, because they represent an inherent hierarchy among human beings.


 Once again, it would take the concerted effort of a specialized school to completely iterate this structure and populate it with the appropriately defined types. This kind of work was indeed done in ancient times by schools, but those days are long over.




copyright 2012 by Lee van Laer